Hydrologic Environmental Compliance Group will turn your environmental compliance burdens into peace of mind, by understanding your needs and making them our own.  Hydrologic Environmental Compliance Group uses their experiences gained through many years of consulting and working with government regulators to lead their clients to environmental compliance, while maintaining a penny wise approach. We will provide accurate, on time and consistent inspections that meet your processes seamlessly, providing you with the best compliance program in the industry.

Hydrologic will be an integral part of the team that supports our client by working closely with other key team members, building a cohesive group that meets our client’s needs.  Open communication with all parties, including the engineering firm, contractor, developer and builder will be established from the onset to receive and convey pertinent information.  Hydrologic will provide a complementary site kiosk to specifically house the on site SWPPP documents.  A rain gauge will be mounted to the kiosk and used to record weekly rain fall amounts as required by the current CGP.

Hydrologic will provide consistent and on time inspections every week.  Inspection reports will be generated, printed and signed on site, then filed in the on site SWPPP kiosk immediately following the inspection.  The reports will be e-mailed the same day allowing the contractor maximum time for maintenance and repairs.  Inspections will also make sure BMP’s are installed properly according to the specifications outlined in the construction plans.  BMP’s that are performing as designed will also be noted as doing so to establish a baseline of performance that regulators expect to see.  Hydrologic Environmental Compliance Group is fully insured carrying general and professional liability insurance in addition to workman compensation.



Hydrologic Environmental Compliance Group is a cost effective solution keeping my projects in environmental compliance from start to finish.  They are a local SWPPP inspection company who is extremely knowledgeable with regulations and provides a complimentary on site SWPPP kiosk for each project.  While going above and beyond in meeting my expectations, Hydrologic always provides timely reports and individual attention. A professional and committed company who has gone the distance in assuring my satisfaction by providing superb customer service.  Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Hydrologic Environmental Compliance Group.

Van Malphrus  President / Owner DM Land Company