Provide and install a lockable, weather proof kiosk in a centralized location to house the project’s On Site-SWPPP including all necessary accompanying documents, inspection reports and permits.

Outfit the SWPPP kiosk with a rain gauge to accurately log the weekly precipitation.

Obtain and compile all necessary documents to construct the On Site-SWPPP from the permitting engineer. Necessary documents to be kept in the On Site-SWPPP include:

  • A signed and certified copy of the SWPPP, minus the engineering reports.
  • The construction site plans.
  • Copy of the Construction General Permit (CGP).
  • A stamped and approved copy of the Notice of Intent (NOI).
  • NPDES coverage approval letter.
  • Any additional permits ie; local government approvals, USACOE approvals, Critical area permits in the coastal zone.
  • Contractor certification forms (0437)
  • Logs and Records of modifications to the construction site plans, progress reports, preconstruction meeting records (0436), inspection logs, stabilization logs and rain logs.
  • Coastal Zone Consistency Certifications (CZC).

Participate during the Pre-con meeting to log all contractors present and make sure all contractors receive and fill out the required contractor certification form (0437)

Provide recommendations regarding areas that may need additional BMP’s and / or provide recommendations of areas where more cost effective BMP’s may be substituted.

Conduct site inspections as required once every calendar week, file the reports in the SWPPP kiosk upon completion and provide the inspection report to all necessary individuals via e-mail the same day.

  • Inspectors will be required to traverse the property in a systematic manner, no ride byes will be tolerated.
  • Inspections will only be conducted by Certified CEPSCI individuals with a valid and current registration.
  • Hydrologic will notify the client and builder prior to conducting all inspections.
  • Inspections will not only address BMP’s that require maintenance and repair, but inspections will also make sure the BMP’s are installed properly according to plans within the specifications outlined in the construction site plans. BMP’s that are performing as designed will also be noted as doing so to establish a baseline of performance that regulators expect to see.
  • Inspectors will update the On Site-SWPPP on a weekly basis to track all modifications to the construction site plans.

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